4 things I can’t live without.

So like most people, there are things I feel I COULDN’T live without. Not because I’d die (a little bit drastic Liz) but because I’m so used to having them – my life would be completely different now if I wasn’t to have them. These are in no particular order, so no one take offence.


Of course number one is my family, not only because my mum’s probably reading this but because they are my back bone in everything I do. Every single person in my crazy loud family has each other’s back.

Make up is patchy? My cousins telling me.

Spot on my face? My eldest brothers telling me.

Problem with my car? Step dads sorting it.

I am such a cringe bag about my family because they are the best thing in my life, I’m so thankful for everything they’ve ever done for me.


My phone – obviously who wouldn’t mention their phone?

This matte black piece of goodness is my life. It has the contacts of everyone I know, my e-mails, the news, and all the social media anybody would need. It has got me out of many awkward silences, helped me during those long queues in the bank, and directed me to many places when I’m lost. So I guess it’d make the cut.


Obviously my friends would be on this list – I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I am extremely grateful for the people around me. Who doesn’t want friends who wake them up at 2AM with continuous pings from the whatsapp group chat? Or tell them their outfit looks like shit?

My friends are great for boy advice, and if you ever go for a breakup my girls will probably egg his house for you.


My car, if you drive and have a car surely it’s got to be on your top 4 too? I was in a crash not long ago, and whilst I was on medication I couldn’t have a courtesy car. I have never ever in my life being as stranded as I was in that time. Luckily I had my friend Mads to ferry me around, and be at my every need.

Obviously there are far more things I cannot live with out, IE. my bed, food, water bla bla. But it isn’t that serious.

Love you and leave you xx