Pray for us.

So religion; the big silent topic. The topic I don’t approach, and the belief that sometimes I feel a wee bit embarrassed to have. This is the one and only time I’ll approach my religion on a public forum so read it, love it and forget it ever happened.

I was born to a Catholic family – I was always going to be raised catholic.

My family aren’t pushy I’m sure if I didn’t believe in God and/or Catholicism they’d be fine with it, but we’ve never had to have that conversation. I know if I ever have children and they didn’t believe I wouldn’t punish them for it.

I attended my catholic primary school. We prayed every morning sung hymns every afternoon, and had mass every Friday. Name me a hymn and I probably know all the words and ‘dance moves’ we used to bust in assembly for it. My favourite was obviously ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’ seriously though the dance in that was super cool back in the day and if you want me to give you a demo – I will.

School trips would be to the local church (we did go other places, I promise) and getting the minibus there and being able to play on the park next to it with your whole year was the highlight of the term.

Then I grew up (not physically) and attended the small catholic high school. When I joined this school I still only had catholic friends, ooo catholic friends.

I still did my confirmation and attended all the sessions, obviously I did! I could choose a second middle name.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Then without noticing I slowly was growing away from my religion not because I didn’t believe anything I’d been told my whole life, just because I genuinely didn’t want to dedicate my time on weekend to going to church. I’d much rather be spending my valuable time on the park with my friends learning how to smoke cigarettes and drinking cheap alcohol.

In High School we still had mass, and we prayed in the mornings but at this age it was cool to not sing along in the hymns.

I would say I was around age 21/22 when I started investing time back into my religion, cos I’m a funky gal. I started taking my religion seriously, I’m so lucky to have my faith to lean on whenever life gets shit.

Then I started taking lent seriously again and fasted on the days we should fast (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday if you wanted to know).

I now attend church alone, most Sunday mornings – something hardly anybody knows I do. So yep guys I’m a bit of a bible basher – if that’s what you want to call it.

I love my religion, but I’ll never be a preacher.

You don’t believe in God? Or you have another religion, that’s fine with me.

I honestly really don’t care at all and trust me I don’t want to even start with heated religion debates that people love to have because I’m just not interested.

I know what I want to believe in and what works for me and I’m sure you know what you want to believe too.

So have fun living your best life gals and boys because no one can stop you or change your opinions / beliefs.

Love you and leave you xx