Should I get a personal trainer?

This is the question on many of my friends lips, and for me the answer for me is a big fat yes, mainly because over the past few years I’ve done less and less exercise. And the motivation I once had to run around in -5 temperatures has deteriorated and now any excuse I can find to not do anything, I use.

I got an office job in 2018 and to be honest that was the icing on the cake, I love food, crisps especially. I sit at my desk all day and there are always packs of biscuits or homemade cakes getting passed around the office. The weight has finally caught up on me.

I’m ‘one of those girls’ I joined and quit slimming world twice, and lost a total of FUCK ALL.

The ‘syns’ made me hungrier and I just couldn’t cope with the clapping every Tuesday when I’d put on another lb and everyone else was losing their weight.

I spent the majority of my Tuesday evenings at Slimming World weighing other people, handing our shiny stickers, whilst lying about the meals I’d cooked in the week. I’m honestly just not a chef, I just don’t enjoy cooking.

Back to the personal training, and the lack of gym situation. I’ve always umm’ed and arr’ed about getting a personal trainer (PT), I used to have one years ago when I was fit and just used him once a week to push me. Currently I am in a situation where gyms scared the shit out of me, I have no motivation to go and I’m just unhappy with my body.

In August 2018 I messaged a female PT from the Gym I had found near my house. 

She got back to my quickly saying she was full and put me in contact with another PT from the gym, Josh. A boy? A fucking boy? Was I honestly going to go and sweat my back out in front of a male? No, the answer was no.

So, I put it off and put it off and in the New Year when ever fucker else was joining the gym, I joined too.

Shockingly I went, once. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or where I was going and spent the majority of my time on a bike trying to look as elegant as possible (not like anyone cared) whilst dying from an asthma attack. (I don’t have asthma, I’m just unfit), whilst trying not to piss myself (because I didn’t know where the toilets were).

In March, after not attending the gym since my horrific bike experience I emailed back the male PT I once feared, I was nervous as hell and honestly just needed the push.

We arranged a time and date to meet (30th March), and I thought a quick Legs, Bums and Tums class the night before would boost me into the rhythm of my fitness journey.

The class went OK, I hobbled home and cried to my housemate about the pains in my body I had never experienced. She said it was DOMs which is something I’d never fucking heard of till then, but trust me if you ever get DOMs I feel for you, the 2 days after the class were another level of horrific.

I woke up the next day, and hobbled back to the gym to meet the PT, Josh. Josh was nice, thank fuck and put me at ease.

He didn’t care I was unfit and sweated walking up the gym stairs, he didn’t judge me for my shit decathlon gym gear and my 7 year old Nike trainers.

I signed up for 3 months! I was skipping out the gym (not literally) and rang my mum, telling her all about my experience.

She was just as shocked as me, and was super proud I’d actually done something about my unhappiness and I was finally on my way to become an ‘athlete’…

Now, I’m only a month in so I don’t have a weight-loss story or before and after pictures but soon that time will come.

I’m feeling more energised and determined to change for the better and I just can’t wait until this weight starts shifting.

Even though I’ve only signed up for Josh for 3 months, I know I’ll need another 6 months realistically after that to be where I want to be and I am going to commit to those with him too – just so I get my goals of a fit bod and don’t fall off the wagon into a pile of walkers crisps again.

Josh’s motivation forces me to attend the gym, I HAVE to go because he’s there waiting for me, he messages me during the week to see if I’m doing exercise out of the 2 hours a week I have him.

He also has an app where he can spy on me, i.e. he sees all the calories I’m eating and moans when I’ve had a McDonald’s breakfast for the second time in a week.

Hopefully soon, in a later blog, I will share my before and after pictures. I mean makeup is an amazing illusion and contour has saved my bacon in the past year.

Bring on my late summer body and walking around Manchester in a bikini in the middle of November!

Anyways, I’ll love you and leave you!

Lizi XX


  1. Good for you making the leap out your comfort zone!! I don’t have an issue with the gym or anything but I sometime find myself thinking that a PT could make me push myself more! Hope all is still going well 🙂

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